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Our Factory

Production Lines

Located just an hour from Port Klang, our Nilai factory is a hub of cutting-edge glove manufacturing. With two double former gloves dipping lines operating at capacities between 20,000 to 40,000 pieces per hour, we specialize in producing latex powder-free and latex powdered examination gloves.


We believe that good manufacturing machineries are important and essential in order to keep our cost effective and be able to compete in the market.  As such, we have invested substantially in the machineries that are needed and adopted the latest manufacturing techniques for our production lines. 


Quality Control

To minimize the defects of our products, we perform the online quality inspection during production hourly. AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits) is the method used for inspection. For medical gloves, an AQL of 1.5 or lower is used. If the gloves are above AQL 1.5, rework will be done until it achieves the required quality standard. 

Our Glove Quality Inspection Checklist:

  • Checks for visual defects such as hair or other particles embedded into the glove, stains, dirt marks, excessive powdering

  • Measurements of width and length

  • Measurements of thickness (palm, cuff, fingers)

  • Check strength of tensile

  • Test for elasticity and elongation

  • Air and Water leakage test


Water Tightness Test


Tensile Strength Test

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